What is myShakespeare?

What is myShakespeare

myShakespeare has been created to provide a 21st century lens into the world of Shakespeare online.  It invites people from around the world to share their thoughts and experiences of Shakespeare and his work and asks the question ‘How do we interpret Shakespeare today?’

The myShakespeare project has been produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company as part of the World Shakespeare Festival.  It runs from 17th April to November 2012 and is a microsite linked the World Shakespeare Festival website.


Following the emergence of user generated content online, people from around the world have uploaded, shared and commented about Shakespeare.  myShakespeare selects three key areas that give us a comprehensive view of Shakespeare and his plays today.  All work shown is in the public domain; has not been altered in any way and is captured to ensure that the pages shown in the timeline are up to date and correct at the time of access to source. More about these three key areas:

Twitter shares the social conversation around Shakespeare.  Shakespeare’s plays are being performed, studied and discussed all around the world. Placing tweets on a timeline allows us to capture some of these moments.

There are over 250,000 Flickr images tagged to Shakespeare.  Every day, people from around the world upload new images, constantly making visual connections to Shakespeare’s words, characters, plays and influences.

Ebay is a revolutionary way to buy and sell online.  For myShakespeare, it shows us the value of Shakespeare’s plays today in terms of currency and how his work is part of our creative economy.

The myShakespeare microsite has a set of terms and conditions, and Acceptable Use Policy and a privacy policy which govern the terms between you and the RSC under which you may access the myShakespeare microsite.

  • Geraldine

    This could have been so much better …

  • Dale

    I am currently reading all the plays in the First Folio order; and loving evry minute!

  • Lealand5-vi

    Started my love of Shakespeare when I was ten years old when I got a little red book from the local library entitled “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”.  Then saw “An Age of Kings” and “ The Spread of the Eagle” on TV., the Histories and the Roman plays.
    Since that time have seen the plays more than 200 times and never cease to enjoy them.
    Reading Hamlet, Richard 111 and Macbeth helped a bullied little girl understand people.