William Shakespeare – Experiential Language by Ellie Turner

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Experiential language is an installation that enables the viewer to experience the use, rhythm and power of Shakespeare’s language through ‘listening’ and the use of visual narrative. Two experimental moving image pieces representing Romeo and Juliet. Set in contrasting daytime and nighttime environments to create specific tensions, they transport the viewer into both the character and extract’s psyche. The curtains are a symbolic representation of a window into a 21st century Shakespearian world.

Romeo&Juliet ©ETurner 2012 from Ellie Turner on Vimeo.


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Chanon still

First Light of the Morning by Chanon Treenet (Central Saint Martins)

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Inspired by William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night or What You Will, the film tells a story of the shadow which is being casted, parallel to what seems to be an everyday life routine.

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Ana still

A Fool’s Face by Ana García Sebastiá (Central Saint Martins)

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Based on Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, it dwells on Feste’s return to the house of his late master, whose son has also passed away. The sister, Olivia, mourns his brother’s death, shutting down everything and everyone. It will become Feste’s duty to make her see things on a different light.

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Heather still

Devices and Disguises by Heather (Central Saint Martins)

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This micro film is based on The Twelfth Night. I choose two characters from it, Orsino and Viola, and focused on the emotion of Viola not being able to Orsino of her love. I use photoshop to draw all the pictures in my work includeing character design, background, and movement

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Joanna still

The Labyrinth by Joanna Adamska (Central Saint Martins)

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The Film present the character in a process of his/her revelation of self-identity and personal integrity through a spiritual journey from the external world reflected in the mirror to internal space represented by the labyrinth. This is a metaphor of the soul, where we communicate the conscious with the subconscious.

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Amber still

China Magnolia By Amber (Zi-Qing Gao)

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Crown color 04

The Systematic Crown Of Cleopatra by Alma Iraldy Vivas Terrones (Central Saint Martins)

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The process, intriguing, exiting, sophisticated and systematic brings Shakespeare into the 21st century.

The project generates from the idea of finding a system to re-code Shakespeare. I based my idea focusing on ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’. l also used colour and 3D printing as my research material and my approaches. Shakespeare’s works are dived into four categories: Comedy, Tragedy, History and Poetry. View Project

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To Be Or Not To Be

To Be Or Not To Be by Chris Kontogeorgos (Central Saint Martins)

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Coloured Water by Konstantinos Mouzakis (Central Saint Martins)

Created by Konstantinos Mouzakis with 5 Comments

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Ophelia’s Skull by Owen Woonyung Lee (Central Saint Martins)

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The work is a part of a project that aims at re-coding Shakespeare in the 21st century’s vision. The skull represents a well-known tragic character, Ophelia in Hamlet, who is many times used as a symbol of tragic death in a variety of artworks in art history.

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