Talking Dots by Hanna Bischof (Central Saint Martins)

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Shakespeare is renowned for his understanding of the range and depth of human emotions. Like no other of his guild he thematises love, hate, desire, revenge and many other basic feelings, revealing the gloomy sides of the human race in a meticulous way.

This installation should give an insight into the emotional dramaturgy of three of his tragedies – Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and King Lear. The plays are colour-coded in terms of positive, negative or neutral feelings of the respective characters, represented by 60.000 coloured dots. At one glance the emotional course of those stories can be felt. The aim of the project is to catch the observer’s attention by involving him into an intimate dialogue on a deep emotional level.

It’s designed to be presented in large scale format.

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Kate Brangan

Shakespeare by Chance by Kate Brangan (Central Saint Martins)

Created by Kate Brangan with 1 Comment

‘Shakespeare by chance’ is a generative design program which creates real time visual translations of Shakespeare quotes. Based on the most popular searches on Google Images at any one moment, for every word within the quotes submitted there is a corresponding Google image ranked first. This instant response allows for unique and undetermined results each time it is used, and is representative of the zeitgeist at that moment. Results are generated through public usage and are therefore representational of the current visuals that Shakespeare’s language competes with in the 21st Century. As the visual content is in the hands of the public it echoes the idea that Shakespeare now belongs to the public and with no control from the creator the work continues to adapt over time in its many variations and interpretations. View Project

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