Welcome to myShakespeare from Royal Shakespeare Company Artistic Director Michael Boyd

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Welcome to myShakespeare, the RSC’s digital project for our World Shakespeare Festival as part of Festival 2012.

The theatre programme we have produced for the World Shakespeare Festival is the biggest enquiry ever into what Shakespeare says to us today and how artists and audiences around the world respond to his work in the 21st century.

We will be asking the same questions in this new experimental online space.  How are people sharing and interpreting Shakespeare online?

Half the world studies his work at school, and no other world artist can claim to be a common cultural reference point in the same way.

Do we, can we, reflect that on line?

Can our understanding of a 17th century English playwright be transformed by new media in the way that our notion of English landscape painting has been changed by David Hockney’s experimentation with the ipad?

For myShakespeare we have commissioned theatre artists to create their first digital works alongside artists who already swim in both analogue and digital waters.  These new pieces will be introduced to the site throughout the Festival, and myShakespeare will also grow with regular blog posts, comments, and the ever changing findings of our search engine, “Banquo”.  ”Banquo” will be measuring conversations about Shakespeare and his value every minute of every day, everywhere in the world. Click on a day and see how people are talking about Shakespeare, follow the links to be part of it and watch your posts connect with Banquo’s pulse.

We’d love you to join the conversation, on the blog, on facebook or twitter and to make myShakespeare your Shakespeare.

Michael Boyd