The Tempest by RETZ

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From February to July 2012, we transformed a small shop in London’s Hoxton into the setting for Shakespeare’s last play The Tempest. Each month it became a different location on Shakespeare’s fantastical island: A dive bar, supercomputer, basement, run-down hotel, library and ferry port. Audience members visited the installations every month meeting the characters and witnessing as plots were hatched and flirtatious glances exchanged.

The story was not only spread over six installation but in newspaper articles, online videos and characters all supplementing the narrative. We saw the experience like a TV box-set audience members developing relationships with characters over a long period of time. The video above is the fourth installment, focusing on King Alonso and his men, who are sheltering in an decrepit hotel after crash landing on Prospero’s island.

We filmed each of the performances and they are available to watch online here, together they tell the complete story of The Tempest:

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