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Many people grow up with an existing perception of Shakespeare, and don’t consider his stories to be of any interest or relevance. I wanted to try and create a project which could show everyone that Shakespeare’s stories are still adaptable to our lives now.

Looking at social media sites, like MyShakespeare, and work young artists were producing on their thoughts of Shakespeare, I was inspired to contribute this community. The digital platform is the most common form of communication amongst our current generation, and allows viewers connect to the artist on a more intimate level.

To demystify Shakespeare, and connect to my audience, I created video diaries of people acting out their interpretations of Shakespeare’s characters. These are designed to look like they are made by normal people, with what they are talking about based on scenarios that could actually happen. They are supposed to highlight how Shakespeare’s stories are based on parts of human nature which never change, and that people still go through the same types of experiences to this day, whether it’s troubles with love, relationships, ambition, grief or hate.

So, welcome to Bards Talk! An interactive YouTube channel which hosts these video diaries and invites people to join and take part with their own submissions of characters and experiences. People can now see completely novel versions of Shakespeare’s plays, letting them understand the story in a way that is tailored to them. Bards Talk encourages a new or existing audience to be interested in Shakespeare, and interested in the theatre.

All the existing videos on the site have been filmed by those involved, and directed and edited by myself.

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