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Be Stone No More – A Tabletop Shakespeare directed by Tim Etchells

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Director Tim Etchells invites a collection of people with different relationships to Shakespeare – including actors, writers and academics – to each choose a Shakespeare play, take a seat at table and narrate / enact the story using their own selection of everyday objects as stand-ins for the characters. These comical, absurd and intimate to-camera performances are schematic diagrams of Shakespeare – lovingly made miniatures which condense the world of each play to a one metre square tabletop and summon it with a collection of banal materials and objects. Produced in collaboration with Etchells’ company – the renowned Sheffield-based experimental theatre collective Forced Entertainment – Tabletop Shakespeare explores the dynamic force of narrative and the power of language to make pictures in the spectator’s mind – echoing Shakespeare’s own words from Henry V imploring spectators to “Piece out our imperfections with your thoughts.”

What follows are the films and a brief interview with Tim Etchells.

Interview with Tim Etchells:

The Merchant of Venice performed by Yolana Wassersug:

Romeo and Juliet performed by Sam Taylor

King Lear performed by Kuselo Kamau

Hamlet performed by Nina Lampic

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  • http://twitter.com/DFActing Discover Fine Acting

    How can this be viewed / accessed, please? (Have tried online search, to no avail.)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Discover Fine Acting – sorry you couldn’t find it online. Tim Etchell’s work ‘Be Stone No More’ will be coming out on myShakespeare in November. We’ll keep you posted on progress in the run up.

  • Hermione

    I wanted to see an example of objects used to demonstrate the plot not him talk about the project concept, the writing already explains that. It would of nice to of seen an example!

  • Sarah Ellis

    Hi hermione – We’ll be releasing a Tabletop Shakespeare film each day for the rest of this week. This film is the introduction to our audiences and to support the writing. I hope you’ll enjoy the films – the first of which will be uploaded onto myShakespeare tomorrow.

    • Becky Parkinson

      Hi, I am looking into writing a feature article about this project and was wondering what ‘the writing’ in the comment below is and where I can find it? Thanks, the project looks great!

      • Sarah Ellis

        Hi Becky – Really pleased you like the project. I think the writing being referenced the written description from Tim at the top of this page. We could give you more detailed information if that’s useful to your article. Do drop me a line on sarah.ellis@rsc.org.uk if you’d like that.

        • Becky Parkinson

          Oh I see! Thank you, that could come in handy. After a video has been posted each day will that be the end of Tabletop Shakespeare and ‘myshakespeare’?

          • Sarah Ellis

            Hi Becky – The full Tabletop Shakespeare programme for myShakespeare is now on the site. myShakespeare will continue to be a space for new work and ideas going forward. We have some more commissions from other artists due to launch next week. I hope you’ll enjoy them and stay in touch.

  • Gem

    My Arm?

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