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Billy’s Bloggerel – Where do ideas come from? (part 2 – Connections)

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Where do Ideas come from?
Part Two: Connections

Once more I attend to where ideas are born.
We know a bite of it is our birthplace,
But that is just a beginning, a raw pip.
Not all designs shoot from our puking days.
For each new moment, virgin thoughts cavort
afresh in our minds, demanding sanction.
From where do these rude ribald sparks emerge?
What fecund field burgeons these brash schemes?
I say the answer lies anywhere
friends or families or foes meet and mix.
We are all Spiders, sharing a great web
that stretches from the school room to the inn
and from the church pew to the bawd’s chamber.
It is a monstrous mesh that boldly binds
each meeting house to all others, near or far.
As we creep and crawl along these threads
we may meet any Jack, every Jill.
If not a web, then we are a beach of stones
vulnerable to the variable tides.
We revolve against others, are reordered,
resettled, each day milled by new neighbours.
It is these chance collisions on silk links,
it is these luck-filled limestone jostlings
that mint novel forms and philosophies.
Then, suddenly, like a devil dog’s bark
clawing at the silence of a cavern,
an idea leaps from the quiet abyss
and thrusts his novelty into naked light.
From this first unaccommodated thought
may spew fierce sulphurous tributaries.
New notions roll and roil with Vulcan fire
until the idea is spent of good fuel.
Then it cools and sets into a lattice,
a web of abstractions, now set in stone.
Of course, not all meetings are like Pompeii.
Who’s to say if the nugget will be mined
from a chance fellowship with a tradesman
or from a society of mummers?
Perhaps from a reunion of pupils
who once recited from the same hornbook?
No one can tell when the earth will so shake.
But surely we can say,
It’s in the trifling instants that we converge
Where these unpredicted sprites emerge.

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