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Billy’s Bloggerel – Where do ideas come from? (part 4 – Theft!)

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Where do Ideas come from?
Part Four: Theft!

Billy. You are late with expected verse!
Has your quill flown south with its former host?

Francis, my dear pig, I am quite hollow.
Have you ever had an idea, so rich
And full of pregnant possibility,
That you marvelled at your own unique skill,
Only to realise it was never
Your original, your ingenuity,
But a memory of inspiration?

You still yearn for originality?
A futile adventure. Surely you must
Know that nothing can come of nothing!
Surely you had a Mother, a Father?
You are no first draft, but a revision.

I thought I was inspired to write a tale
Of an aged King and his three daughters,
About the division of royal land,
But then I remembered the old story
And now I am inspired to drink strong wine.

Tonight, let us drink away your sorrows,
But tomorrow, you must prepare yourself
To be a thief and to steal ideas.

I will not do it. I will not purloin!

Listen to me! Each pig is his own pork
But all taste the same, all are good bacon!
Let us not call it theft, but distilling!
Yes! All artisans know well the goblet,
For they drink deeply from any they find,
But also because they are such vessels.
At their vintage they are full to the brim
With poems, painting, puffery and prowess.
They pour out their sweet wine with drunken glee
Into the ready mouths of their public,
But what can they do when they have poured all?
When they have run dry?
There is no choice but to refill the cup,
To sup and sip from the grails of others!

You flatter robbery with a merry toast!

No! You have not measured this new measure!
These many brews make a heady mixture
Of beers, wines, meads, and like good alchemy
They distil a new liquor, freshly potent!

I will admit, there is something in that.

Aye! And more important, though this new swill
May seem familiar, it has fresh flavour!
Certainly there are hints of grape and hop,
The tongue might note the honey and the grain,
But the wonder is the recombination!
It is an old story with new surprise.
It is a famous clown with bold, new face.
It is Ovid reshaped as William!

Francis! I am persuaded! I will steal!
But I will refashion, remould, recast!

I am glad you have met with my wisdom.
Here is more! Let us make haste to the inn!

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