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Enter Saturninus performed by Doc Waller

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Enter Saturninus is a monologue in Act IV Scene IV from Titus Andronicus.To me, Shakespeare is very much about the musicality of the text. I honestly feel that when performed well enough, audiences have the ability to pull a harmonious sound from each line, verse, scene and act of his plays. Even if the audience is unable to interpret (or follow) word by word, the combination of the text and the actor’s instrument (voice/performance) provides a universal music that each of us can understand in our own way.

Shakespeare is much like wine, in that its education is infinite. There will always be something new to learn about Shakespeare, because of energy, characters, personalities, and history each of [us] bring to the actual text. Shakespeare’s stories only get better with time. They are signposts through which we can understand contemporary occurrences. They are every story we’ve ever told and will ever tell.

Lastly, Shakespeare’s works are much like the Arts in general. They allow us to hold a mirror up to ourselves (and nature) to ask the valuable questions of purpose, what makes us who we are, and what we want and need out of life. Grasping Shakespeare is a personal challenge I will never get tired of embarking in.

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  • Elissa Cain

    Shivers…that’s what this gave to me.

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