Coloured Water by Konstantinos Mouzakis (Central Saint Martins)

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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare – A VISUAL REPRESENTATION OF THE EMOTIONAL RELATION OF THE CHARACTERS IN THE PLAY. “Twelfth Night”; (or, “What You Will”), is a theatrical play by William Shakespeare, believed to have been written around 1600. In the comedy, characters are related with complex ways and they get their selves in really bizarre situations creating an amazing network of relationships. To illustrate this “mess” I used 5 water tanks, each one representing an act and all together the whole play. Each character has a unique color that is poured in a tank according to the act, scene and time spent on speaking. The relations of the colors in the tanks represent the relations of the characters in the play. The 5 acts are demonstrated simultaneously in order to offer an overview of the play. The spread, the amount and the speed of every color is based on the emotional axis and the whole process can be controlled by the liquids’ chemical composition.

Regarding the technical part of the installation, there is a system of motorized syringes, controlled by a processor, so colors can be released with high precision. The transparent liquid in the tanks is consisted of water, alcohol and emulsifiers. Colors are a combination of acrylics, water and gelatine.


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  • Terry

    Very cool, but the “View Project” link goes to Google? Is that subtle hint to find it myself?

  • sarah ellis

    Hi Terry – thanks for coming to the site and picking up on the ‘view project’ button for Konstantino’s work.  I’ve now put a link with shares the youtube video and we’ll be adding more details about the artists on myShakespeare in due course.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the site.  Thanks.

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    It only shows one video (sort of thankfully). Maybe get the site working before you open it. Or at least get some substantial content.

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