Why Lie Speaks

What’s His Name by Chloe Why Lie Speaks

Created by Chloe Why Lie Speaks with 1 Comment

This is a track inspired by William Shakespeare and who he is as a man, and if we actually know the man behind the plays and poems. When studying Shakespeare I have always found that we learn a lot about his plays and poems but not a lot about him. This is when I decided to do this track without mentioning his name throughout but only his work. This is Shakespeare coming together with Hip-hop with myself trying to find out his name and asking if you as a listener actually know William Shakespeare. Or do we just know his work, who is this man? [1] [1] http://myshakespeare.rsc.org.uk/gallery/whats-his-name-by-chloe-why-lie-speaks/why-lie-speaks-3/

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Eye Shakespeare

Eye Shakespeare – A new smartphone app for Shakespeare

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Tom Harrison

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 by Tom Harrison

Created by Tom Harrison with 5 Comments

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 is as relevant today as it ever was. In 2012, in a world of high-definition and glossy magazines with Photoshopped models telling us what we should be attracted to and striving for, I think it’s important to remember to look for inner beauty first and foremost. One afternoon earlier this year, I had an encounter with a young women that brought the above concept crashing to the forefront of my mind. That night I sat down with my complete works and found the sonnet, the opening lines of which had been ringing around my head as I walked home here in Los Angeles. I sat at my keyboard, turned on my memo recorder and in a very “In the Air Tonight” sort of way I just sang it down once, completely improvising the strange chord progression. After some editing, I started piling up acoustic guitars and vocals, I wanted the opening to sound a bit like a secco recitative, the guitars imitating a harpsichord, borrowing a musical idea from the Baroque but marrying it to a modern soft rock sound. The song closes with a climax as the singer comes to the personal revelation that his love is “as rare as any she belied with false compare”, that she is as beautiful as any photoshopped supermodel plastered on a cheap magazine cover. I gave the song the title “Goddess” because Shakespeare has re-defined that word for me in this sonnet. You can download this song for free, Shakespeare in 2012 can follow you from the kitchen to the car stereo; one of the things that attracts me to the sonnets is that they are divorced from theatrical performance, they can and should belong throughout our every day lives. They are eternal, meaningful, beautiful and relevant.

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Created by Duan Wanty with 0 Comments

There are three kinds of people in the world, those who love Shakespeare, those who don’t and those that pretend to know exactly what Shakespeare meant with his self-made language. Regardless of where you place yourself, we know that the sheer brilliance of Shakespeare will live on, and with the production of iHamlet, it is proven yet again. iHamlet is not your average adaptation.  Performed by the talented, Ashraf Johaardien, the play takes you on an hour-long solo performance of bits and pieces of one of Shakespeare’s longest plays and tracks the transition of the Prince from his deep melancholy to his unhinged passion. What is most intriguing of the performance is the quick shifts between emotion, from grief to rage, madness to pure crazy embodies the mind of the mad, bad, moody Prince of Denmark brilliantly. The one thing that stands out most in this production is that the portrayal of Hamlet is constant, there are no other character’s portrayed, just fragments and pieces of the very disturbed soul of Hamlet himself.  A gesture that highlights the fixation on the “i” that we have in our modern day lives, it’s all about you, isn’t it? Or is it all about Hamlet? You decide. Johaardien comments: “Hamlet’s central moral dilemma transcends the Elizabethan period. His struggle to act in a corrupt world while maintaining a sense of his moral integrity reflects the same dilemmas we have faced through the ages and which we still face in South Africa and the world today.” Catch this sharp and witty production at The Fringe, Joburg Theatre from Friday 11 May 2012 to Saturday 19 May 2012. Tickets are R115.00 and can be bought online. Click here. [1] (http://www.joburgtheatre.com/show.asp [2]) Directed & Designed by Jade Bowers Performed by Ashraf Johaardien Adapted by Robin Malan “Originally published on Bizcommunity [3].” (http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/429/75087.html [4]) [1] http://www.joburgtheatre.com/show.asp [2] http://www.joburgtheatre.com/show.asp [3] http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/429/75087.html [4] http://www.bizcommunity.com/Article/196/429/75087.html

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Flash Mob Shakespeare

Chicken Shop Shakespeare

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Chicken Shop Shakespeare is a collective of filmmakers and actors based in Leeds and the North of England. We bring Shakespearean words and scenes to unexpected situations and environments.

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Doc Waller

Enter Saturninus performed by Doc Waller

Created by Doc Waller with 1 Comment

Enter Saturninus is a monologue in Act IV Scene IV from Titus Andronicus.

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Crown color 04

The Systematic Crown Of Cleopatra by Alma Iraldy Vivas Terrones (Central Saint Martins)

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The process, intriguing, exiting, sophisticated and systematic brings Shakespeare into the 21st century. The project generates from the idea of finding a system to re-code Shakespeare. I based my idea focusing on ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’. l also used colour and 3D printing as my research material and my approaches. Shakespeare’s works are dived into four categories: Comedy, Tragedy, History and Poetry.

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TO BE - Leo King Hii

TO BE – a fresh take on Shakespeare by Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney

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Above image is Leo King Hii (Photo by Guido Gonzalez) Take ten young actors, 9 different locations, one rainy day and the most famous monologue of them all and you have TO BE, a fresh take on Shakespeare’s best known words from the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney.

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'Self Portrait, 2004' by Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa

Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa

Created by Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa with 1 Comment

Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa is a commissioned artist for myShakespeare. The image above is called ‘Self Portrait, 2004’.  Emma’s commissioned piece for myShakespeare is called ‘Nicely Turned [1]’ is a tumblr blog in which, for the duration of the World Shakespeare Festival 2012, artist Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa will collate and re-present quotations, allusions and references to Shakespeare’s plays and Shakespeare’s characters at work in contemporary culture - primarily within affluent Western societies. [1] http://nicelyturned.tumblr.com

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Tom Uglow

Social Shakespeare by Tom Uglow

Created by Tom Uglow with 1 Comment

Social Shakespeare will surprise and delight audiences by taking a subject that is perceived as traditional (a 17th century play) off the stage and into a highly contemporary world (Google + and 21th century social media) - educating and entertaining in equal measure - creating a blueprint for new narrative forms. Social Shakespeare will ask us to think about how a story exists today, to investigate what is almost the negative space around the spoken words. It will capture the updates, the comments, the chat, the photo and the videos that would echo out of each scene telling the story through them.

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