Shakespeare’s Sonnets by Hallam London

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One day Hallam London stumbled upon a book of Shakespeare’s sonnets. When he decided to turn some of them into songs, he could build upon many different experiences—as a singer, guitarist and writer. He had studied Jazz Voice at the Dresden University of Music, had written songs for theatre plays, and had played the guitar in a pop band and in rock musicals and experimented with free improvisation as well as in a bizarre vocal duo. And last but not least he had founded the cosmofonics who toured all of Germany playing Hallam’s original songs.

Having found Shakespeare’s sonnets only accidentally, his fascination for them grew quickly. This fascination—paired with the wealth of his experiences—lets Hallam write stunning pop songs: unconventional, artful and yet gripping and catchy.

‘Just as an arresting song or an astounding theatre play, a beautiful phraseology causes sudden feelings of happiness in me. When reading Shakespeare this happens quite often. Besides, I’m fascinated by the incredible variety of images in his language. He seemed to never run out of them, and they always cut right to the point.

‘Furthermore, song lyrics often bore me—in fact, only a few don’t. The lyrics I wrote myself also didn’t meet my own standards, so something else had to be found. The internet is abundant with song lyrics free to be used, but almost all of them were put together from hackneyed phrases—leaving me with an uneasy feeling of familiarity. And, lacking even tender traces of imagery, there was no magic in them at all. In Shakespeare’s sonnets I find this magic—the magic that is essential to let me grow musical ideas.’

Hallam is currently working on a longplay album and a live show. As a teaser, he released the 5-track-album
‘The Winter EP – Shakespeare’s Sonnets’ in August 2012. You can find it on many download portals and on

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