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The Systematic Crown Of Cleopatra by Alma Iraldy Vivas Terrones (Central Saint Martins)

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The process, intriguing, exiting, sophisticated and systematic brings Shakespeare into the 21st century.

The project generates from the idea of finding a system to re-code Shakespeare. I based my idea focusing on ‘The Complete Works of William Shakespeare’. l also used colour and 3D printing as my research material and my approaches. Shakespeare’s works are dived into four categories: Comedy, Tragedy, History and Poetry.The process I follow in order to create my system was also made in four stages. Fist, I counted the number of plays in each category: Comedy=17, Tragedy=10, History=10 and Poetry=5. After that I draw four lines using the number of each category to set up their length, i.e. comedy has 17 plays, thus the length of the line was 17units. Second, I used 4° for the first category adding the same sum to the next one (8°) and so on. The result was 4°, 8°, 12°, 16°. Third, I inverted each second line with its respected degree (line 8° and line 16°). Fourth, I arranged the lines altogether uniting them from their extremities to finally form the unit shape, which will define the final outcome.

The second stage of the process was to replicate the shape several times using the casting process to later arrange them and form ‘The Systematic Crown of Cleopatra’. For this project I was greatly inspired by the work of Antony and Cleopatra, which is part of one of the most famous Shakespeare’s tragedies in history all around the world.

After the last step explained, I proceeded to paint the pieces creating colours, which represent Cleopatra’s personality. The manner Shakespeare characterises Cleopatra is extraordinary; he gives her power and beauty, authority and death. In the final stage of my process I arranged all the pieces forming the systematic piece called at first ‘Cleopatra’s Crown’.

I also created a poster, which explains the followed stages during the process and emphasizes them.

Employing the same system we can came out with many different possibilities, at the end, all of them beautiful, intriguing and powerful ways of communication. Some people tend to think that the works of Shakespeare are old fashioned and only living in the past. This people think that is not worth it to continuing talking about them and using them as means of expression. But from the other side he has left us a great legacy, which is irreplaceable and unique. Thus, in the contrary I will say that we can use this treasure, expand it, love it, and renew it as well as getting inspired from and bring it into our generations.

Shakespeare is still alive in every culture and characterized in different ways.  He is the creator of his characters and wherever they go, they will go together, they cannot live separate from one another. He creates them, feed them and gives them life. Let’s be part of this wonderful world which will last forever.

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