Troilus and Cressida – ‘Uncle Pandarus needs to talk to you’

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“My tale’s of war and how it kills what’s dear,
A parable to turn my guilt to good
And caution you against a future war”
: Uncle Pandarus

Uncle Pandarus needs to talk to you. Follow his blog at as he tells you the tale of his niece Cressida and her lover Troilus. Each day for three weeks, Pandarus will update his blog with videos, photos, intercepted phone calls and his own manga artwork. Once he’s updated his blog, posts will stay there forever so you can keep updated as and when you like. This free-to-watch production from 1623 theatre company is supported by Derby City Council, Derbyshire County Council, Igniting Ambition (Cultural Olympiad in the East Midlands), QUAD and the Great British Sasakawa Foundation. Remember, Uncle Pandarus needs to talk to you at

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  • Joyce de Borde Barker

    very sorry. did not enjoy yesterday’s performance. we 4 left at the interval. we were unable to follow the dialogue, had no idea of the story and were totally distracted by the technology – screens blocking the view of the stage, movies which seemed irrelevant, far too much noise, and very few actors whose enunciation made the most of Shakespeare’s beautiful language.

  • Patrick Salvadori

    We didn’t enjoy the production last night.  Too many effects – very superficial.  No apparent reasons for making the aesthetic decisions that were made: Why Native Americans?  Why Native Americans played by white actors? Why disabled soldiers one minute and able-bodied military the next?  Why the screens when Wooster Group use screens as an integral part of production?  Why did Mark Ravenhill hammer us again and again literally and obviously with transgender / gay interpretation of Greek camp? The divided nature of the co-production showed very obviously and unfortunately I wish LeCompte had taken charge of the whole production or Rupert Goold had been let loose on the text…

  • Ben Spiller

    May I just point out that the digital production of Troilus and Cressida described above is not the same as that co-produced by the RSC and the Wooster Group? The production above was created by 1623 theatre company and it can be explored at The comments below here relate to Troilus and Cressida by the RSC and the Wooster Group and are not a response to the production described above. Thank you.

  • katrina

    this is totally FAB <3 this

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