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Caliban’s Speech by WIll Power

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Will Power is an award winning Playwright, Performer and M.C. Along with a small select group of others, Power helped to create the popular performance art form known as Hip Hop Theatre. His plays and performances have been seen in some of the world’s greatest venues including Lincoln Center (New York), The Sydney Opera House (Australia), The Battersea Arts Centre (London), Royce Hall (Los Angeles), and many others.

In this commission Will Power explores the lyricism of Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter, bringing these rhythms into the twenty-first century by fusing them with the contemporary beats of hip hop.  Will’s fascination with the percussiveness of language will share how you can get to the dramaturgy and character of Shakespeare’s work through the rhythm of his language.  Having grown up with hip hop and exploring the intersection between hip hop and theatre in his work, this commission will create a fusion between Shakespeare’s meter and hip hop lyricism.  Check out this video which shares his process and collaboration with composer Justin Ellington.

Justin Ellington is a composer and Grammy award winning producer based in New York by way of Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout his career he has worked with stellar artists in both theater and the recording industry. As a composer his work has been heard on stages around the world most recently in the critically acclaimed Broadway production of OTHER DESERT CITIES, which earned a Tony nomination for Best Play.

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“If music be the food of love, play on” -William Shakespeare

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  • Robertlluongo

    Well! I was surprised. the Calaban speech was fantastic. Stay true to the bard’s language and there seems to be no limit to new creative expressions. Well done. http://www.thepowertemplate.com

  • Felix Mortimer

    Really interesting exploration of Caliban he is full of such nuance and poetry. We explored Caliban back in March, something you might be interested in watching, here: http://youtu.be/hUS6y60TwJw

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